To Whom It May Concern:

My Name is Garry Smith. I am the Republican Member of the South Carolina House of Representatives for South Carolina, District 27. I have proudly served in this position for 17 years.

I had the pleasure of working with Amy while she was the Sales and Marketing Director for the Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce in Fountain Inn, SC.

Our paths first crossed when she engaged myself and my colleagues in a forum to discuss needed changes to the current workforce development practices. Amy, having only been in her position for less than a year, was able to pull all the key regional leadership, business leaders, and HR professionals to facilitate an outstanding conversation on workforce development which gave us an increased understanding of the needs in our region and helped spur the creation of legislation.

In addition, I was able to be part of a local Economic Development Summit event Amy hosted between Fountain Inn, SC and her hometown Rochester, IN. The purpose of the event was to share the economic development journey Fountain Inn underwent with Rochester so her hometown would have tools, best practices, and resources to move forward towards building a stronger community just as Fountain Inn had. My role in the event was to share how myself and my colleagues supported Fountain Inn from a legislative perspective. This event was not only well put together with attention to every detail, but it created an opportunity for Fountain Inn to look back and take pride and joy in all the hard work accomplished.

Amy is hardworking, passionate, unrelenting in pursuing opportunities for her people, has a keen ability to bring all walks of life together to solve problems, and understands policy even though she herself has never served in an elected position.

I am honored to know Amy and it would be without hesitation that I would tell you that I know if Amy was given the opportunity to serve her District in the position of State Senator she would not disappoint. I can only imagine that she would employ even more of all the skills she possesses to support and bless her home state.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I have to say, and I wish you, my friends in Indiana, the best of luck in this journey!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.


Garry Smith

House of Representatives - SC, District No. 27, Greenville County

“I met Amy Roe a few years ago when she was the Sales & Marketing Director at the Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce in SC. It has been exciting watching her journey both professionally and personally through the years. It is nice to meet someone who has approached life with tenacity, grace and a “can do attitude”. Amy is on the campaign trail to serve her community as the Indiana District 18 State Senator and I have no doubt that if given the opportunity she will serve Indiana well and with distinction.”

Deb Sofield


“I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Amy on several projects for Rochester and Fulton County. There is no doubt that first and foremost in her mind is the wellbeing of the community and its citizens. Amy is a tremendous advocate for Rochester and Fulton County. In this regard, she works tirelessly to support the people, organizations, businesses, and government of the region in an effort to best serve her neighbors and the region.”

Alan Krabbenhoft

Dean, School of Business at Indiana University Kokomo

“When it comes to leading a project to completion, Amy Roe is decidedly your gal! Her determination and savvy communication keeps everyone on track and moving forward. Not only is Amy a purposeful leader, but she possesses the skills to coach others to lead their own projects. Amy undeniably has the best interest of Fulton County in the forefront of her mind and heart.”

Crystal Keranko

Community Volunteer

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